I guess so.

strings might be a pain though, since it'll be so small, I figure it'll have to have a lot of tension in the strings to get them up to the proper pitches, The frets will also be really small too. But Have you seen the mini squiers? They aren't exactly 10" more like 2' ish I think. But still pretty small.

so basically to compensate for the strings it'll have to be really stubby around the neck. like holding a 2x4 or something

Honestly 10" seems a bit ambitious, maybe try and go for 2" or 2 1/2" or something a bit easier.
Yeah, 10" is probably just too short. I wouldn't advise anything less than 20" or so.
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15 might work i know 20 does and 18 i think also works
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Wouldn't that be like some kind of bizarre hybrid Mando-Tar?
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2' is only 3/4 inches less than a gibby and 2 1/2' is a barritine.

ahh beat me. But yeah i'd advise against a 10" guitar unless u want say a mandolin or summt.

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i say go for it use cheap wood and parts, then if it doesn't work, incorprate them into something else.

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Anyway, you can do a small scale. And the strings would actually be more loose than a big scale. It's the same thing of pushing down the 12 fret and shortening the scale, it's a higher pitch.

Go for it, I don't think it's that bad of an idear. It might be fun to do also!