I have a squier strat
and like to play alternative, rock, punk and stuff like that.

I don't know much about pedals except how to use 'em. I don't know what the different effects mean though.
My opinion in the order of importance: Reverb, distortion, wah, flanger/phaser, EQ, compressor.
What amp do you have? What's your budget on effects?
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

I have an Ibanez GT10 DX amp.
As for a budget... I'm not really sure. It's just something I would like to try to save up for.
So, not a whole lot.

And thanks uldhppi
Sounds like you should get a distortion pedal. Either that or save up a bit for a new amp.
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My opinion in the order of importance: Reverb, distortion, wah, flanger/phaser, EQ, compressor.

I'd put delay in after wah, but that's a good list!
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My first pedal was an Ibanez Smashbox, that thing is awesome. I still have it. I just stopped using it about a month ago after years of use because i got a Boss ME-50 and use the MT-2 distortion on that. When looking for a distortion pedal, I'm pretty picky about finding the right sound.
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^it compresses your sound. they boost the quiet signals, and attenuate the loud signals. when you play a chord, without a compressor or any compressing, chords would be significantly louder compared to lead notes using single strings. compressor would boost the lead notes and attenuate the loud chords to be the same loudness.
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