Yo! I have a guitar with REALLY high action, and I that the way to fix it is by lowering the bridge. How do I lower it? should I sand it down, saw it or just plain get a new one? in any case, how do I do it?
Sand it down?
Saw it?
what the hell............................

Is it a Floyd Rose?
What Guitar is it?
ahh right..

I'm not the right person to answer then.. I know nothing about acoustics.

I don't think you can lower acoustic bridges.. Not sure though..
crap, so should I just see if I can somehow get a new bridge for it?
sooo....... should I just go to guitar center or zoo music and see if I can get them to help me?
im sure someone on here will know....

move this thread or make a new one in the Acoustics forum and ask there..
Ok, thanks, I'll do that and if I don't get a satisfying answer I'll just take it to my guitar shop. Thanks again
If the action is high, the neck could be warped... as was/is the case with my gf's classical guitar.

its probably not the neck or anything like that. if you have a white piece (called the "saddle" (note: singular) then you can lower is pretty easy. if you had more details on the guitar or a picture i could answer that for you, but hopefully you know what i mean.

anyway, if it is a normal acoustic (not a classical) you should have a saddle. take the strings off (unwind them, remove bridge pins) then take the saddle out. it could be glued, but glue isnt necessary, therefore it may not be glued. take it out and file/sand the BOTTOM; leaving the top in the same form/shape it was in before. dont take much off at first, but string it back up and see if that helps.

you can also take off the nut (plastic piece near the headstock) and file the bottom of it, but you probably shouldnt do that first. if this does need to be done, think about it and decide for yourself (ie, if the strings are closer at the 18th fret than they are at the 1st fret, reduce the nut some).

if this is a nice guitar, though, i highly suggest going to a guitar shop and--gasp--pay money to have your guitar setup