I am looking for a new amp but really don't have a clue about what I am doing, and can't seem to find a good one for myself at my £100 - £200 price range!
I use a Mark Hoppus fender sig and have a Behringer amp (example of how i don't have a clue!) and really think that I am missing out by having a Behringer so I am looking for a new amp!
I want to be able to play a few small gigs in the near future with my band, so the amp needs to be able to do so.
Our music is very pop-punkish so I am looking for that kind of Blink-182/Sum 41 tone on for my bass which I can't seem to get at the moment even with my hybrid slinkys.
I was thinking maybe Ashdown or Ampeg, but Ampeg is too expensive it seems for my price range.

Help appreciated! Thanks
isa this a bass amp ure looking for?

either way, look at the roland cube 60 or the roland cube bass 60
Ashdown or maybe a used Ampeg combo if you can find one.

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Thansk guys. I'll try searching for a used ampeg combo, if not i'll probably go for Ashdown.