ive been playin guitar now for around a year and a half (electric) but have recently purchased tom morrellos solo ablum (one man revolution) and spoke in the wheel by black label society and i love them and i want hav a sound just like that and add it to my cd i am making but i dont have an acoustic and i would like one of my own instead of borrwing one, i can spend up to £300 ($600) and i wondered what everyones thoughts were on this, the best makes, models and such like. anyway thank you for your help.
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A Vintage V300 is comfortably under your budget, so is a Ibanez V70, and both are really good. Might wanna look at Martins as well....
for 600$ i would NOT recomend a martin or taylor. but i would recommend an ovation, breedlove, guild,wasburn, or alvarez.