ive got a drummer that 1 out of 3 jams will look at me with the saddest face in the world and will say" I dont want to write a song today" and even when i say that ive written the song all he has to do is know the order of the song i get the "but i want to write songs as a band" REALLY pisses me off but hes an amazing drummer... what do i do?
confront him
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tell the dude if he dont quit....hes ass is outta the band ( just a threat)...but look like u mean it when u tell him that....hell get back on track
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Find someway to get some icyhot on him, that should do the trick
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i had the same problem with my old bass player, except his excuse was he was "too tired to play", or he "didnt have much sleep last night" or some stupid ass excuse like that. i just got fed up with it and me and the other member in my band at the time told him that we quit, so that he would think that there was no more band. then me and my friend kept on playing. we didnt have the heart to tell him he was kicked out, so we did it the way Faith No More got rid of their first lead singer, way back when they used to b called Faith No Man
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Find someway to get some icyhot on him, that should do the trick

Tell him that you and the rest of band want to take music more seriously. If he wants to take the band seriously, then he can stay. If not ask him to leave
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just tell him that he's being a ho and he has to man up. your in a band you play and write music, if you don't want to do that then your lieing to yourself
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Just talk to him. Ask him if he is serious about the band, or why he doesnt want to write songs
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