I have a crate GFX-212 and its too loud for my use right now. Since there are two speakers, can I just disconnect one of them? do I need to put in a dummy load? i haven't checked if they're in series or parallel yet.
there is a magical knob that some how controls volume levels. you should check it out
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the response of the volume knobs is not linear between 0 and 1, theres a big jump in volume once you cross a certain threshold and i'd like more control over that area.
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the response of the volume knobs is not linear between 0 and 1, theres a big jump in volume once you cross a certain threshold and i'd like more control over that area.

haha well i know all about that. ok either, 1 reduce the channel volume or 2, you might have to just stick with it. unless of course it's an open back cab, where the internal speaker outputs are connected to jacks on the back panel, where you can get at them. As it's a solid state amp, you should just be able to disconnect one of the speakers no problem. If they're just cables coming straight out of the bottom of the amplifier section, i wouldn't really mess with them. You might be able to disconect a speaker but DO NOT what ever you do, connect the 2 free wires together.

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how ****ing quiet do you need it to be??? wtf??? do you have twitchy hands that can't set the volume knob quiet or sumtin? there should be a master volume and a volume knob isn't there?
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the clean channel has low/mid/high and level, the distortion channel has low/high and level, there is no master volume. The level knobs are just very sensitive as it comes up to about "1" or so, but its linear control beyond that.

its a solid state combo amp, but the back is open. I see the speakers are wired in parallel, so if i disconnect one, the resistance seen by the amp should double. Putting a blanket over it is an idea, but I think that would muffle some frequencies more than others.

i'm just trying not to disturb the neighbors, mostly older people (35-60) in my building that probably don't want to hear metal.
Here's what you do...that little knob on your guitar that controls the volume, knock that back a notch. Really, it's not that hard. Or you can open the amp up and replace all of the level controls with audio taper pots so the levels ramp up later in the sweep of the control. And it's really not that hard to set up a small baffle in front of the speaker.

Disconnecting one of the speakers isn't going to do anything for you. You're still dealing with the same volume controls and power output from the amplifier. Also, disconnecting one of the speakers has the possibility to put the amp into an unsafe impedence mismatch, which can result in damage to the transformer. More than likely the speakers in your amp are wired in series, so you should be able to disconnect one of the speakers without causing the unsafe mismatch. If you happen to find out your speakers are wired in parallel, then that's a big no-go on disconnecting one of the speakers.
reducing the volume on the guitar itself only works for the clean channel. The distortion channel is the one giving me the most trouble since it just amplifies everything up to its output level. I figured disconnecting a speaker would at least cut the amount of air being moved in half.

Also, I disagree with it being safe to disconnect the speakers if they're in series. If I remove one, then the voltage drop across the remaining speaker should double, right? along with the current going through it. If they're in parallel (which they are), then removing one will double the resistance.

I may just use my old multi-effects pedal (zoom 4040) since then the amp is only on the clean channel (which is much easier to control the volume).