Hey y'all, I have an Ibanez rg120 with the strings that came stock... I'm just looking for some player's preferences for replacement strings for this electric. Much obliged for any responses... -Adam
hm your strings are 42-9 atm i guess... it depends on what music you like to play, which tuning you want to use, but most of all which strings you feel fine with.

i´m playing a RG to, atm i´m using 46-10
i dont like ernie balls, theyre break wayyyy to easily.

elixirs are excellent, but cost $10+ a set... i do, however, think they last very well and possibly worth the cost.

i usually buy d'addario 9's in the 3-pack because its $10 for 3 sets and they suit me just fine. last a good while, sound good, and dont break easily.

ive tried a few sets of deans and some others, but dont have much to say about them

i would recommend getting some of that ghs fast fret stuff and keep your strings good and clean, theyll last a lot longer!