Usually when I do pull offs that pull off to another fretted note it sounds fine, but whenever I pull off to an open string (think 94 Hours) I end up bending the string a little bit (it sounds overall sloppier too). My guitar is a Schecter c1+, i tried the same thing on a bc rich mockingbird and it was significantly easier. Any ideas on why this may be? Tips for my technique?
I think it's because when you release your finger you flick it on the way off, and that causes the bend. I had the same problem a while ago and I just grew out of it. It might be that, or something else like that.
Practice first of all. And it could be your action and how close your strings are to the fretboard.
If you can do it on one guitar and not on another, its most likely your action. Could also be your string gauge.
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