How many of you all are in your school's band? Don't be embarassed, and people don't flame other people, becasue you'll sound stupid. I like it because music is great, no matter in what form, guitar or band instruments. Oh, and we're playing music from Apocolyptica/Metallica this year, which is awesome. I thought the peopel putting the music together would do awful, but they didn't butcher it too bad, it actually souns pretty damn good. We play Harmageddon, Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, and then close with For Whom the Bells Tolls. It's pretty cool.
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i wish we could do stuff like that. instead we do gay songs from movies like the lion king or lord of the rings... i quit though so it doesnt really matter, i like the symphony way more and it messes with my embochoure (sp?)
Lucky bastard. Our show this year is New World Symphony, which I believe is pretty famous. It's really boring though. I play alto sax.
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Yeah im in all 3 of my bands, sr, jr and jazz. we play alot of cool stuff, like flight of valor ( gotta love that 6/8 - 2/4 part) we play alot of fun songs, im the percussionist in the concert bands, we dont march though.
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i would be but both teachers are brutal
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I'm probably up there as one of the top band geeks on this site. Trumpet, tuba, guitar, bass, trombone, baritone, tenor sax.

SUSAPHONE IN MARCHING BAND!!! Yeah. But yeah, play trumpet in one jazz band, guitar in the other, tuba in our Sr. Concert band, and Sousaphone in our Marching band. Our marching song this year was music from Cirq du solei (probably spelled that wrong) La Nouba. It was urban, and reve rouge. We also did this terrible arrangement of Birdland, which totally butchered a great song.
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