just wondering if anyone out there likes the country music. i don't have a problem with it personally because theres a lot of songs about me. I also don't mind the twang and hillbilly thing but what about the rest of y'all do love hate it or don't care otherwise. let me know!
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Hell yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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hell yes, redneckrocker2, hell yes.
I dont understand why it gets hate has some damn good guitar work and decent lyrics , fun stuff. Country Music FTW
Can't say I'm a fan but..Telecasters FTW!
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i love bluegrass stuff cos i was brought up listening to it and if it wasn't for going to bluegrass festivals i would have never picked up a guitar, but thats slow country stuff can get a bit repetative and boring.
not into it, although i did go to a country and folk festival in oxford a couple of years back. was great. and to top it off there was a pancake van so i ate lots of yummy pancakes

EDIT: i just remembered, that was when i first picked up a guitar too!
country music is pretty cool. specially good ol' johnny cash
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yeh.... it does need no respect.

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Started out playing bluegrass. Ya I like country. Rockabilly more so I guess but lots of good stuff out there.
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Well, I listen Hank Williams, the Carter Family, Chet Atkins and Johnny Cash. I listen some country-rock as well, like Gene Clark and Gram Parsons and alternative country like Uncle Tupelo and Wilco. That's it really.
As with most genres, a lot of people judge it by the stuff they hear on the radio which is why a lot of people say they 'hate' it.
Bob Dylan man...I think thats evidence enough that people like country.
Like every genre it has its rough edges but unfortunately thats all most people see. There is some great stuff and really moving music in country.
Bob Dylan is folk.
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Garth Brooks! Gotta love him like!
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