Hey everyone,

I was thinking about getting a new (unused) guitar sometime in the near future, and I was wondering if there's anything that you are supposed to do to it when you first buy it, like any adjustments or tests or anything. I know a lot of people who always change the strings immediately after they buy a new guitar. Is there any real reason for this, or is it just to put on the strings that you like better?

If it matters, my new guitar will most likely by a Gretsch Double Jet. They have Bigsbys, I dunno if you have to do anything to those when you first buy it.

Any answers greatly appreciated.
it should come reasonably well set-up (i would assume so with a gretsch) but you could get yourself a professional set up for about $30 or less to make sure everything is perfect. you only need to change strings if you don't like the feel of the stock strings (if you get it set up they will change the strings anyway, you can choose what they change it too)
^ Yeah the only thing you'd need to do with that guitar would probably be adjusting action and stuff for your tastes, thats it really