We got back together. But none of us live in the same town anymore. Goddammit. We're touring and staying rather close to home. Mike Pack of Jack Palance Band / Hidden Spots fame is recording some **** for us in November when I'll be in the region next. We've added Andy Dale Petty Jr. on bass, he's in an awesome band called the Sugar Gliders (featuring members of Thomas Function) and was in a really sweet band called the Sand Mountain Snake Handlers that shoulda put out a split 7" with the Trainwreck Riders but never did. Our tour is a midwest thing and it's only for a little over a week cos I gotta drive back up north. We still play fast. I've recorded some new songs. You should listen to them. I don't think they're half bad. We're not a folk punk band, we play punk rock. We play loud in basements mostly. Last few shows we played were with Vena Cava and it was alotta fun. We're gonna do alot of touring this summer and we might do full US or europe with Thomas Function. Anyways, here's our tour get in touch if you can help us out or wanna come to a show:

12/27 Pensacola, FL - w/ The Difference Engine (HELL YEAH!)
12/28 Mobile, AL - TBA
12/29 Atlanta, GA - TBA
12/30 Chattanooga, TN - Anarchitca w/ Max Levine Ensemble, Delay, Doomhawk and Chattanooga bands
12/31 Huntsville, AL - New Years Eve party w/ the Mahonies, Plexi 3, Thomas Function, Fontana, Cheap Time, Wax Museums and a million others
1/1 ROCKford, IL - w/ the Latex Nuns, FNA's
1/2 Chicago, IL - who knows? Maybe the Grand Manor
1/3 Milwaukee, WI - w/ Jail
1/4 Detroit, MI - Coney Mahoney Craig Mahoney
1/5 Toledo, OH - help!!!!!
1/6 Cleveland, OH - tba
1/7 Columbus, OH - Chad's house probably
1/8 Asheville, NC - w/ Princess Thunderstorm (ex-Queer Wulf)

You can listen to us if you've never heard us before.



Also on this tour Andy is gonna be playing some songs by himself before he played. He recently signed to King Khan's record label. His songs are really really good (much better than mine):

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I reviewed you guys for UG and it never got put up :/

I'll have to try again.
We're not a serious enough band I guess. We never have been taken as one by anyone. I'm thinking of changing the name of the band to Michael Vick and his Cocaine Fighting Dogs
I must not be kissin enough ass around here. Whyvern posts something about his band and it stays in the main forum. I post some videos and stuff about my band, and it gets booted to band promotion.
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