How do you deal with fear and commitment when trying new things. I was just wondering because I have a tendency to screw up the most easiest tricks there are and really **** myself up on them.

For example I was ollieing over a curb and this is really easy. So I jump and i jump over my board i guess and I land on the nose of my board. This makes my board pop up right up into my crack really hard. haha

Now I **** myself over any little thing I do. So how do you deal with fear?
Be sure to wear full safety gear.
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it's all about confidence. if you think your gonna fail , guess what. chances are, you are going to fail. you just gotta throw caution to the wind and just do it.
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Break a few bones, then you learn from your mistakes.
Unless you really suck, then you'll just continue to break things.
It's inevitable to suck sometimes, just keep trying.
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if you're reeeeeeeally worried, get an elaborate harness set up, so should something go wrong, you can't fall over.
Alright then I'll throw caution to the wind...

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Just go for broke man.

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^^^ WRONG.

"Pain is temporary, skateboarding is forever."
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worst thing that happened to me was, i was trying to learn how to kickflip (in my early days) and when i landed i slammed my foot and the tail and it jack-knifed me in the dangle-buddies. mind you at this time in my life, my board was longer than my legs so i was kinda suspended...ouch
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stop being a pussy like most boarders and go for it
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Well I've been skating for 7 years now, and let me tell you one thing I've learned: "Don't give a f*ck." As long as you follow that, you'll learn new tricks and further your skills and whatnot.
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Really you just gotta overcome your fear, say in you head you can do it over and over again and visualize what you are going to do.

I had a gigantic fear of dropping in on a half-pipe, I just said i could do it over and over again, fell about 10 times but now i have no problem.

And wear a helmet, it has saved me many times
Yeah it's always hard to cross that line, you know when you roll up to a ledge or something but you just can't find that click to make you ollie onto it, that's always the hardest part, once you go for it you usually get it first try. It's just facing your fears that's all
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my advice, do it with friends around(skating friends), then no one really cares as its happened to everyone, i find i skate better with friends as we push each other.