I'm having some tough times teaching myself to tune the guitar and i tried the 5th fret way but i don't know if it's right (I'm sure it isn't because it sounds like angels are dying). Can someone teach me how to tune correctly via instructions
Train your ears. It might take a while, but it will develop
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buy a tuner - theyre way more accurate than your ears are going to be, even when developed
5 on E = A
5 on A = D
5 on D = G
4 on G = B
5 on B = e

Also, try playing powerchords on the strings you're tuning and tuning from to make sure they sound right.
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i tried a tuner but it always goes out of tune when i tune the other is there something about that i don't know?

k thanks notoriousdoc and jd44
does the guitar have a floyd rose?
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Play the 5th fret and the open string of the out of the tune string. If it clashs, adjust the tuners until the notes sound the same and it sounds like you're only playing one note.
it does not have a floyd rose, k that might be what's wrong i will probably still have problems but you just told me one o the things im doing wrong thanks
when you fret the first note(the string above the one you are tuning) and then strike the string below it, listen for a sound that kind of goes wah wah wah...... That is the sound of being out of tune.

Look up tuning by harmonics, it really helps to here the sound i'm talking about.

After you learn to identify this sound its all about adjusting the tuners until the sound doesn't do the wah wah wah thing any more.