I have an Ibanez Sz320 and the problem is the G# dont ring out, all orund the fretboard i have this problem.

But Why?
The guitar is only a half year old , today i buy'd new strings, but nothing changes.
i tried to change the action, set the truss rod but again.. nothin changes.

Have anybody some suggestions?
you might need to adjust the neck allignment, just take it somewhere to get it fixed
A single note? Is that at every pitch/octave? This is only a hazard at a guess, but that sounds more like a problem with either the amp or the pickups, if its only one note...

Maybe not, but its the only thing I can think of. I would have someone look at it if I were you.
in every octave, and its not the amp, the guitar do this unplugd too,
Fair enough, then my post is irrelevant except for the last sentence. Sorry to be of little help, I wish you luck in getting it sorted out.
I know exactly what you're talking about. I had an Ibanez RGA121ntf of which the G string had so little sustain (more so around the 12th fret area) that I ended up having it looked at twice, the guitar exchanged then finally returned.

Tell me, does the string's sustain seem to fizz out quickly - like, it's fretting out? Or is it more like a soft pinch meaning it reacts almost like it's being muted by something.

My RGA fizzed out when sustaining indicating it was either a nut/saddle problem or some upper frets where microscopically to high disallowing the string to ring out.

In the end I never did find out what the problem was ('cause like I said, I just returned the damn thing) but if the other strings are fine than you can be assured that there MUST be a fix.

This isn't a real fix but I use wound G strings exclusively now and they give FAR more sustain than ****ty plain G strings do. The G strings has an inherent flaw to begin with. The nut distance isn't corrected for (unless you get a compensating nut) and there are different pitches for that string.

The only thing I can tell you right now to try is make sure the nut and saddle for that string are PERFECT! 90 degree edge with no pinching. Second use either a very short ruler or something perfectly straight that will only touch three frets. put it across three frets and try rocking it like a see-saw. If it rocks on the center fret than you know that fret is slightly higher than the ones around it. Do this on all the frets. Any frets that are too high need to be filed. That's something you need to get a pro to do.

EDIT: Crap, I just realized you said the G# notes - not the G string. You could try one of those headstock weights that Musician's Friend sells. Apparently they actually work really well.
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