i've been making some mods on an unknown elec guitar and i was wandoring what will happen if i engrave about an 1/8 ofan inch in.
will it realyy change the sound any?
Where? more importantly why? If its a crappy guitar to begin with I suppose it wont change it that much.
on the back of it.
and i got it at a yardsale
j. king i think the name was.
or j. something
It won't really change anything at all, except maybe the value of the guitar (for better or worse), but if its already cheap unknown yardsale material then there probably isn't much to lose.

And I just thought I'd ask, what are you planning on engraving on the back? Anything cool?
i'm actully putting the names of the people i care about.
if you would like your name put on there i will be more than happy to
Jay Turser?

It shouldn't effect the sound very much, and I doubt you'll notice any difference what so ever unless you have Eric Johnson's ears.