So my band has been goin through a rough patch lately. We're 4 so far, drummer, guitars, myself(another guitarist, and a bassist. Everyone is going through some trouble so im not worried about getting back soon but im tired of the way we write songs i feel like im doing too much of the work. Im wondering if anyone can help in that area. A good way of writing a song(not lyrics). Its so messy and unorganized when we jam.

edit: i usually have to record the song on my own then add the drum beats with the machine and then send it to all of them and i know i sound lazy but i ugh its so hectic and freaking boring and hectic.
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have each member write their parts by themselves. you can start with a cool riff, then add a beat to it. put some chords under it, add a bassline. then write lyrics for it. kinda build it up instead of just jamming you know?
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just have everyone kind of write some of there own stuff outside of when you jam. Thats the way my band does it. Someone starts it off with somethen they wrote then we all add pieces to it and end up with a song. It seems to be really effective, we can get 1-2 songs done everytime we jam
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thats how i write, whenever i think of some words or a beat, i write it down, then later come back and see if i can add on to it. its worked for over 30 songs so far.
I find its better recording the songs then showing them to the band, I've done that for a few songs already. It makes it so, theyre much more likely to play their parts closer to the way u want the song to sound. if you jam something and the other players write their parts to it, and you're unhappy with it, theyl get more annoyed then if you just wrote their parts for them. But still, always be open to opinions and suggestions by the other members.