Hi guys. Im buying a new compressor in the near future, and Im fairly certain it will be a keeley 4 knob. I like the added flexability with the 4 knob......but unfortunately, I cant play them back to back before I buy(so Im not actually sure I like it......but I like the idea).

So, to those that have tried these units, how does the 4 knob stack up to the two knob? Is one noticeably better than the other......or would you say that both are equally as capable/good, but with the 4 knob having a little more fine tuneability?

Ive tried multi effects pedals in the past, and well, you know how that goes! Lots of options, but when you try to stuff too many options into one box......none of those options turn out all that great. That was my main concern......the additional features in the more loaded 4 knob pedal mudding up the quality you get with the simpler version. Thanks.
Better Idea: Buy an MXR Dyna Comp and do the Monte Allums mod found here: http://www.monteallums.com/pedal_mods.html#mxrdyna
In total it comes to about $100 vs. $250+ and sounds just as good in my opinion.
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Thanks for that link! Since were on the subject of modding, Im wondering if you have any experience with the CS-3 and CS-3 opto mod. I did a little looking around after you posted this info, and I see a few guys have went this route as well. And from the link you provided.....he describes this as being a very popular mod that many buy into. So, just curious if youve tried this one as well, and would I expect similar/better/worse results as compared to the modded dyna comp? Thanks again!