uh.. leave the strings you have on it, on it.. and ur what pro? dude just tune it down
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well i have an ibanez rg1570 and i have 9's and there fine (mines blocked cause of the floating bridge
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uh.. leave the strings you have on it, on it.. and ur what pro? dude just tune it down

this man has obviously no idea whatsoever.

i have the exact same guitar, and youre gonna have to put a higher string guage, more like 10 and 11 then 12, and have to adjuse the trem again
just take it to a shop, and theyll do it for you.
I play my LP in C with 11 ZW Boomers, you will probably want 10 or 11 on your guitar. Take it to a shop if you don't know how to set up an floyd style bridge though, it will save a lot of hassle for you, but I'd say watch them so you know what to do in the future
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Thats what I use and they are great for Drop C

Tried 11's but hated them.
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I tried 10s in drop C but my tone just didn't have that extra "umph" to it. If I were you I'd get 11s or 12 but hell that's just me.
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You will have to set up again the whole guitar to tune it to that. Yeah get heavy strings.
Since that guitar has a longer scale I'd go with 10's. If you feel those are lacking step up to 11's. Like everyone else sais you'd just have to reset your trem again for the new tuning and difference in string tension.
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For drop C?

Dude, that's like 15's. I use 11's for standard.
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You dont need 15's for Drop C, unless you like em that way of course. 10-52 are what i used to use in that tuning, just ensure that the tension stays equal in the trem system.