so me and one of my friends got a band together
we were planning on making a metal band, with my friend on vocals
we got three other guys on guitar, bass, and drums
after our first practice, my friend decided to leave because the other 3 guys weren't really into metal (although they said they were, and would like to be in a metal band)
so now the band is headed into a hardcore/metalcore/screamo direction

the problem is, i'm not really into those genres either.
so i've thought of 4 things i could do right now:

1) Suck it up and play hardcore/metalcore/screamo
2) Try to convince the guys to play metal
3) Try to find some sort of middle ground and play both genres
4) Quit the band

what should i do?
probably 3. but theres got to be something that you all like, so just try hard to find what that is.
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3............cause if u leave who knows how it will end u now what i mean?
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Quote by led_zep_fan55
3............cause if u leave who knows how it will end u now what i mean?

yeah i wanted to avoid quitting because of that and also over the last few days i've become pretty good friends with these guys
I would say go with three
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Yeah man im thinking 3.

Genre crossing can be fun if you give it some time to find your nitch (I think thats the right word)

Who knows..Maybe you fellas will create a new genra "Thrashmo"

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3 seems like the best option...

And then try making your band mates listening to metal too... When they start liking it, your band will slowly start becoming more metal....!
thanks for the advice everyone
it talked with the guys about it, and found that they like thrash metal quite a bit, as well as some power metal and melodeath
i guess i kinda scared them a bit at first by naming the really heavy bands (necrophagist, cannibal corpse, decapitated, etc) which caused them to say what they said earlier

i'll also give hardcore a chance to make them happy too

so once again, thanks. hopefully this will work out
^Sounds good Compromise is almost always the best solution
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