does anybody have any ideas for the tabs for their new song Messages? i really want to learn the song. i would really appreciate any ideas. thanks
I've never heard of the song you speak of. and its not on the new album, Libertad.


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it's on the Libertad album with bonus tracks. if you look on iTunes, it's the Deluxe Version.
i have heard it and am looking for a tab as well. it is an iTunes bonus track - really good song. if someone could tab it, that would be awesome... im not having much luck.
i've almost figured out Slash's guitar part in the intro, but there are still some parts i need to fix.
all i know is that the song should be in the key of A minor.

if anybody could figure out the exact chords or other guitar parts, i would love to hear some ideas.
i haven't got much of it. still working on intro. anybody who has a tab or anything it would be great... all help appreciated
well if you want, i can post my idea for the intro, cstroked. but if i do, then look over it and tell me what you think i should correct. does that sound good?
sorry dude i just read that. for sure, that's cool with me, or you can email it, whatever works.
well i already made the tab on here, but i'm just waiting for it to be approved. whether it is approved or not, i'll let you know. and then you can tell me what you think of it.
'cause i've already seen one made for Messages, but it really sucks