Hi I want to wire this GFS crusader pickup into an old guitar, it has a two-way switch on the front to 'split'/ 'coil-tap' the humbucker... tried this pickup before and didn't have much luck with it, got a lot of squealing, so I want to try and get it right this time!...

I include a couple of snaps, the wires off the pickup and the insides of my guitar..

1st off - where do I attach these damn wires to??? NB. I'm not 100% sure the two that I have taped together are really the correct wires for coil-tapping...


Large photos:
Red and White, are the ones for coil splits. Do you want splits or no? I can't tell from your post really...
The Black one is the ground, it will go to blob of solder on the back of the volume pot, along with the shield (silver).
The green is the hot, it will go to the spot on your selecter switch where the old pickup used to be.
Where'd you find a crusader? i've been looking for them and I can't ever find one.
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Thanks XibanezedgeX ... you mean I solder both the black AND the silver to the same place on the volume pot? .... oh and yes I AM going for splits - do I just wire those to the splitter pots? Does the order matter? (ie. could I attach it the wrong way round)

Did anyone follow the link? ... There are another couple of questions on the guitar insides picture, basically a couple of wires I have no idea where they should go!

Many thanks again for your help!

Oh - darkarbiter7, I bought this pickup ages ago, they may have stopped making it since... I saw a post bigging up the Kent Armstrong M215K, you may want to try one of those.
Follow these:
Pick the one you want and wire it tht way, and even though they say "Coil Tap" they mean split.
And yep, both black and silver get grounded to same spot.
Glad to be of help
Unfortunately my setups a bit different from theirs cos I have a dedicated switch for coil-tapping, but I seem to be getting somewhere now anyway thanks to your advice!

Hard to tell if the coil tapping is working exactly, seem to get a big gain reduction but that's to be expected right?
Thanks so much for your help guys - I've got it working and that's the main thing for now! .... This guitar needs so much other work doing on it, I'm not even gonna touch my solder iron for a while!