Does anyone have any advice for shredding? Or soloing for that matter too. I'm pretty I have the finger strength & speed for shredding, but most of the itme i just cant make it sound very good. I know shredding is not always supposed to be very melodic, but When i do it, it just doesnt sound like it should. Does anyone else have this problem? What i'm wondering is, does anyone have any tips or advice on this subject, or is it just something that takes a really long time to learn? Also, even any tabs of a riff or lick that sounds really cool would be awesome.
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Try this article. I'm also learning how to shred, and trust me, there's no easy way. Practice is the only path to get there, you only need patience.

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Its very possible you're not playing on key and just hitting random notes?

Also, are you tremolo picking everything and just moving up and down frets, thats not the way to go.
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Invest in a metronome. Start slow, and in time with the metronome. As you get better, get a little faster.
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i know that my personal problem with shredding is that i just can't pick right, i accidentally hit wrong strings here and there. i need to work on my accuracy, maybe you too.
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Shredding and Solos are two different things.

You can shred during a solo, but not all solos are shredding.

Legato is great, but Shredding just gets to be a head ache after a while.
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Invest in a metronome. Start slow, and in time with the metronome. As you get better, get a little faster.

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make sure you're using your fingers/hands (both left and right) to mute the strings that you aren't fretting, thats probably the biggest source of unwanted noise. and of course start slow with a metronome. You can get good practice with just some simple scales and patterns.