evening peeps,

i got a xbox 360 recently and saw halo 3 was coming out and wondered is it worth getting halo 1 and 2?

trust me, you are a bloody idiot

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need we answer?
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do it
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1 was better IMO.
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Worth it for just having the multiplayer. BTB Slayer is amazing. I was pissed when Bungie got rid of Team Carnage.
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^ Eh, 2 had better graphics and if you had the updates on live, the gameplay was far better. But hey, that's just my opinion. ;o
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halo 1: god yes
halo 2: only for the story

halo 2 was disappointing
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When does the third one come out?
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Both 1 and 2 are good. I don't know why I like 1 more, the features of 2 should make it so much better. I guess I just love the setting, story and originality of 1 better. But both are at least 9/10 for first person shooter games.
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Waste your money on a recycled mediocre overrated shooting game?


Considering the fact that so many people play it and love it, your opinion is crap.

They must be doing something right. Why would so many people play a ****ty game if it was so "bland/generic/tasteless/boring"?
If you plan on doing the story mode (which I highly recommend) then yes. If you plan on never going near the story mode or anything story related and want it strictly for multiplayer, just get 3. But actually, in 3 there are unlockables in multiplayer you get from completing the story mode, and if you haven't played the first two you will be completely lost, so get 1 and 2.
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ok thanks people
trust me, you are a bloody idiot

i'll pwn u with my steel scratchplate!!!!
yes, buy them!
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1 and 2 arent really that different in gameplay but it would help with the storyline if your buying the 3rd one. but YES 1 and 2 are kickass
I don't have an Xbox, but I just bought Halo 1 for PC, and it was only 20 bucks!
a friggin steal, for one of the best games ever made.

intense single player, and superb online, with extra maps and weapons over the original Xbox.
it's sick.

me and my brother are buying another licence, just so we can play together. its a great game, one of the best i've ever played, even though its like five years old.
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Well you would be completely be lost on the story mode if you do not get the other ones.
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Yes, they are both great games.
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