This song is about how music is for making people happy and to be creative. Also it reflects on my own life in manious ways. Kind of a metaphor for the feeling I had when I started guitar.

Verse 1:
Something got me to jump to my feet, and
dance to the beat, and I
Said to myself, "What a glorious feeling
I hope it comes again," so I
Wrote this song to all of you people to get
You to dance again, so
Swing your partner round and round,
You can all join in...

It'd be a shame to not share this with a friend,
Get up and get on down to dance the night away,
It'd be a shame to not share this with a friend,
Or maybe someone you love...

Verse 2:
Of course I got to find somebody to
Dance away with me,
Well, it seems that I'm a shy nobody, so
They might never come, "Have you
Seen what's making eveyone joyful,"
Somebody asked that to me,
"It's the music, and I'm heading there myself,
So come on and see for yourself...


The regrets that no one showed me this sooner
Oh wel, what the hell, I feel reborn
The regrets that I was so lonely,
But I had freedom all along


Or maybe someone you love