A lot of people have been comparing the two and say that the Governor is superior, less harsh, more power, higher sensitivity, and less costly. I have been doing a lot of research on both and I was just wondering anyones thoughts. I haven't tried either myself and am looking for a new speaker. I'm also wondering if the Governor can due metal tones justice like the vintage 30 claims to?
I dont know who you have been speaking to but personally I wouldnt agree with that, I would take a V30 over anything really, but as I said, thats my preference, I definitely feel they are superior to the governer
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Check out the Eminence Man-O-War speakers. Read up on them a bit, I heard they're great for the vintage Metal sound, and modern. Though, I can't really say for sure, because I've never played on them.
Yeah, I've read a lot about the Man-O-War. But I want to make sure I'm paying for a good speaker, I want one that sounds much better than the Celestion seventy 80 that I play through now, not to say that price is always a reflection of the quality of a product, it's just that I don't have any problem dishing out some more dough if it means that I get what I'm looking for. But from reviews I have read on Harmony Central and such, the Governor is based on the Vintage 30. Many people saying that the Governor is actually better because it doesn't have a harsh bite and is louder.
the governor is a great speaker. its basically the vintage 30 without the harsh upper mid spike. and the sensitivity is greater with an increased power handling. one thing to keep in mind, eminence speakers are pretty stiff when you first get them, you really need to slam them for a bit to get them to break in.
Cool, so you've played through a Governor? Would you say it sounds better compared to the Vintage 30?
they're two distinct speakers. neither is ideal for what i want from a speaker. but many people have qualms about the orignal vintage 30, and i think the governor is the speaker for them. available at a great price too. it if it came down to either one, for me, id choose the gov.
Cool, because the high sensitivity appeals to me, if it isn't harsh, and the bass is tight, it's exactly what I'm looking for, as long as the speaker sounds good when playing with distortion. The only thing that makes me wonder is the fact that Eminence speakers are fairly cheap compared to other brands, not to say that that would make them a lesser product, I'm just trying to see if there is a similar style speaker out there with the same characteristics I'm looking for of even better quality.
My cab currently runs the Eminence texas heat drivers. I like them a lot! Very flexable, not to harsh(unless you want them to be...they can pierce if you make them), and definitely dont mud out on the lows. They handle everything my mesa triple recto throws at them.....so yes...they are definitely capable of handling lows! Im really not sure if anything else in the price range of these eminence drivers could do the same job.

Its a matter of taste really, so my best advice is always to play before you pay. If you want to hear these drivers to get a feel for the quality of the eminence stuff.....find a local dealer of Krank products(the krank cabs use eminence drivers). The revolution 4 X 12 cab has the eminence V 12 legend's and the Krankenstein(Dimebag signature cab) uses the texas heat.

I havent played the governor, nor do I know for sure if any of the Krank cabs come stock with them. So....unfortunately I cant give you a fair A to B comparison here, but I do suggest trying out their other offerings only so you can get an idea of what the typical eminence speaker does.

I wasnt a huge fan of the Krank head.....not bad, real good at what it does...just not for me. Definitely different though, so if you do try out some of the cabs.....you will get a better representation of what to expect if you use your head or something similar as opposed to a Krank head(which will probably be sitting on top of the cab in the store). The eminence drivers get my vote!
Yeah, I've read some good things about the Texas Heat speakers. I'm sure they would sound great in a 4X12, but I play out of a 1x12 combo. I'm a little hesitant about the Texas Heat speakers because they cost less than the speaker I have in their now, not to say that it would be inferior, but I want to make sure that I get a speaker that will make a great improvement to my tone.
if your buying eminence you can't go wrong, they don't make cheap ****, and though people don't know them like Celestion they are just as good or better, and I think they actually make more speakers than Celestion [10,000 units a day] . [not hating on celection, i like them too] Eminence also has a great warranty. If you buy "new" there's a 5 year REPLACE FOR FREE warranty if I remember right.

you should check reviews from places like harmony-central. I've got the Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker and its amazing IMO. But like the poster said above, they do require break-in so don't judge new speakers, they really change as you work them in.

here is a very usefull tone guide, that takes their speakers and plays the exact same thing through each one
Here is a tone guide from them, however keep in mind the recommended uses are very subjective!

Also Here is Celestion's Tone Selector
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...for the gigs im going to be playing its going to be 60% tone and 40% stage look, and I'd like the look of my rig to be able to back up its sound.

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I don't have the Governor in my amp, but I do have an Eminence and it's an amazing speaker. It replaced the stock Peavey Sheffield and it really brought the amp to life- great but not muddy lows, fat, nice mids but not too quacky, bright but not piercing- it's the perfect speaker from cleans to mid-gain crunch to full-out metal.
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Just another question, are you planing on replaicing stock speakers form a combo amp, or just to put in a cab? Also, if in the cab+head configuration what amp is it going to be paired with?

[i ask because if you have an amp that is know for being bright (or some other quality) we could perhaps recommend a speaker to tame the brightness (while maintaining clarity).
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...for the gigs im going to be playing its going to be 60% tone and 40% stage look, and I'd like the look of my rig to be able to back up its sound.

I plan on replacing the stock Celestion seventy 80 in my Traynor yv40 1x12 combo. I have the sound I want, I'm just looking for more definition, clarity, tighter bass, and a little more volume.
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celestion is just riding on their reputation. which is understandable.

So Celestions arent good speakers and they're riding on a bad product???
I dont get that statement.
I know some of their speakers are Chinese made, but they're still great, if not some of the best speakers you can buy.
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celestion is just riding on their reputation. which is understandable.

not really with the V30- the V30 is v. good for metal
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