Hi, me and my friend just want some opinions on our gear. I have a Squier Telecaster and a 30 watt spider 3. My friend got a Marshall TSL 122 2x12 combo and an Ibanez RGR421EXFM (lucky bastard >.<.

Opinions on our gear and (at least for me) what to get next? If you could put links to videos, etc. with more info that would be great.

We play blues rock (Jimi Hendrix/SRV), instumental rock (Vai and Satch), and shred/metal (Vai, Satch, and Dream Theater).

I'm looking for stuff that's good, but not super expensive. about $1000 max for the amp and guitar.
ibanez RG321 and a used 5150 combo??? is that under budget?

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

for him a strat for you a peavey classic 50 and a fulltone ocd along with a HSS strat, unless you need a floyd. hes all set for amp, might want a bluesier guitar
^ a peavey classic 50, and a fulltone ocd huh? for dreamtheater huh? someones gotten smacked by the bandwagon stick.
alright "tehjermie" you make a better suggestion. I think it would be a fine rig, and not terribly expensive. and yes it will do dream theater fine.
thanks, my personal favorite is the RG321 and the 5150. I'll check on that. and for Dream theater, I would get an RG 7321 for the guitar.
^^No need to attack, all opinion man!

Personally a used mesa dc-3/5 and a used RG321ex!

Maybe a B-52 at100 even!
ok false_god i was feeling good about my suggestion, but im sure yours is better, because i really dont play any of that

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Hmm, maybe you could find a used Peavey XXX or the JSX if you get lucky. As for geetar, just get a used Ibanez RG with tremelo. I can't believe I'm recommending an RG, but whatever. (I have one and I hate it...)
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