so now im thinking of putting these in my prs se custom, I hear that they are great for super warm, tone rich cleans.

Has anyone had a different experience with these pickups? and does anyone have a better suggestion maybe?

oh and its important they have covers on em(shallow maybe, but you gotta admit looks are important)
Maybe u could try DiMarzio Tone Zone pickups or Gibsons ('59 Classics for what u want). But PRS pickups seem to be just amazing. Those guitars sound as good as they look.
Anything that PRS pumps out is generally amazing.
If you can afford them... goferit.
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I don't know a whole ton about them, but I've heard that PRS' pickups tend to be kind of bland. Not bad, just nothing special. I'd wait until someone more knowledgeable than myself comes in though.
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the prs pups on the lower end models are sucky, but the dragons are awesome, but with that kinda money you could have a look at bareknuckle pick ups
I utterly love my PRS's tone from the dragons. The only way i can describe the tone is half strat half les paul, although I dont know if they will sound anything like they do in another guitar.

The bridge has easily enough gain for Satch/vai stuff while the neck pickup has a great Les pauly esque vibe to it.

The middle psotion is the prs tone we all know and love while the single coil positions really shine with a nice tube crunch.

However, as much as I love them they do really belong in PRS guitars and I doubt id actually buy a set for another guitar. Only because they are rather pricey new and for the money you can pretty much buy any pickups you want from practically any manufacturer. If you can snag a set on ebay for cheap then go for it by all means.
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