if something is to the negative exponent, how do you go about solving it?

for example im giving an equation such as y = 6x divided by x(-2) + 1

(-2) being the exponent

so if i was to plug in 2 for example, how would you do 2 to the -2?

thanks in advance
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If I remember right you have to move it to the demenator and it makes the exponent positive and you do it from there. So with 2 it would be 1/4 I think.. just guessing though.
2^-1 means 1/2

so 2^-2 means 1/2^2 ie 1/4
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to solve a negative exponent, solve the exponent then find the reciprocal, so 2^-2 would be 1 over 4, and 3^-3 would be 1 over 27
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y = 6x divided by x(-2) + 1
x = 2, so:

y = 6(2) / 2(-2) + 1
y = 12 / -4 + 1
y = 9

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