The guitar shop near me has an AEL20 and i played it for a little bit and it sounds great and looks beautiful. I wasnt able to play plugged in and Musicians Friend doesn't have it. Can anyone tell me from experience if i should buy it or keep looking?

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don't buy any acoustic from Ibanez, chances are you can find a better guitar for the $

Intersting, my expeirence with Ibanez acoustics is great. I have two, and love them.
I have an Ibanez Acoustic too..... Get what you can afford and what you feel. Don't let anyone influence your thinking, just because one doesn't like doen't mean you wont.

I love mine and I play everything form Metal to blues on it and it gives me a great sound, If something happend to it, I would go get another one.

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Keep looking--Ibanez acoustics are pretty awful compared to other guitars you can get for the same price...