Anybody out there know any good classical songs? I already know canon in D and Spanish Romance. They could be of any skill level, preferably beginner to intermediate. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
although you probably know this and will laugh at me for saying it, it's not listed up there sooooo........ classical gas
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i just found out the name for a nice sounding spanish classical piece called Asturias which i like. going to have a go myself, you should try it if u haven't already cause the tab on here gets good ratings, i haven't had a go of it yet but i can imagine it to be good,
Also going to have a go at zorba the greek off lock stock.
Bourree in E Minor you can find the beginning in the song classico under tenacious D
Agustin Barrios - La Catedral III Allegro Solemne (or you can start with the first two movements).
I play only classical guitar, where on this site do I find others?

Barrios (Le Catredal) is about a grade 8 piece.
Asturius (Leyenda) grade 9 or 10.

If you want to play classical, properly, don't attack these as starters.
Get a good classical starter book and focus on your right hand.
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