i finally had enough money to order one, i was getting the head version that they made, so i go to the musicians friend site, search "Crate Palomino" no result, so i go to GC's site and the same thing happens, so i think "maybe im spelling it wrong, so i just click on crate and go through all their products and still cant find it. are these no longer being made/sold? if so why!?
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They're usually listed as the V series.

there just not on there anymore, i filtered it to crate > amp heads there were only a few pages, so i look through them and they wernt there
I just looked. I didn't see the head, but I saw a couple V series combos.
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I just looked. I didn't see the head, but I saw a couple V series combos.

i looked and it said theyre on backorder.
but to the threadstarter, have you thought about the peavey classic 30?
ive played both the palomino and the classic a few times and i thought the classic was better. you might like the v better though, so you might wanna try them both.
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is that v series new or sumthin? i havent seen it before, it seems affordable, the black one
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Beat me to pointing that out. I ordered mine last week and thought it was weird that they weren't under Crate.
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Yea, it's odd that they go under palomino, i've been wanting to get one, but I wonder how they handle hard rock [modern not classic]
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I play black sabbath stuff with my V8 plus an OD and it sounds really good. I prolly don't need the od tho since I can turn it up to get the distortion i need anyway. I think it is good for hard rock stuff, to me it seems like it has a marshall type of distortion to it.