so my uncle gives motivational speaches to businesses and he has a book that he wrote called 'the simple american'. its mainly all about ethics in businesses and so on.

he wants me to try and write a 3 minute or so instrumental song that sounds patriotic to play to kinda get a pumped up feeling (as much of one as you can get) for his motivational type speaches he gives.

does anyone have any ideas for this? like a certain kind of sound i should have? are there any good scales that fit patriotic sounding music? what kind of instruments should i use? (i have an acoustic, electric guitar, a bass, piano, and a lot of soft synths to work with)

theres not going to be any singing, all instrumental. any tips? or suggestions?? thanks a lot!!!
Make sure it's in a major key, that will help first off.

Study some other "Patriotic" sounding songs like our anthem and "Pomp and Circumstance" (Even if it isn't it sounds like it to me haha.)
Maybe open with some flute licks ala Yankee Doodle. Seriously. Also, +1 on major keys, don't be afraid to use both consonance and dissonance, and make sure you've got some varied dynamics.
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major key, lots of dynamics, and alot of parts that "build up" tension. thats pretty much all i can think off. what kind of instrument are you going to use for this song? for guitar..use reverb..it gives a stadium kinda sound. lol
Try using some major pentatonics. It kinda gives it a military-esqe feel.
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Get him to motivate you?

But seriously, listen to alot of different national anthems if you want that kind of feel. Try to go for a very full sound, much like a huge choir singing.
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Have a look at some patriotic songs. Find some that you think your uncle wants, figure them out, and study them. How long do you have to do this?