so tomorow I go back for my last pointless year of high school;

does anyone have any (related) good jams to ease the pain?

so far I have these:

sanitarium (it seems like this sometimes) - metallica
prison song (it seems like this all the time) - SOAD
the back to school song off billy madison
im in the same boat as you man... im personally just chilling to modest mouse, but that doesnt sound like your thing.
I like modest mouse a lot, but im looking for some "**** school i feel like being pissed off" kind of music, so not mouse. (i like how you use a boat metaphor and continue to talk about modest mouse)
same with me bro but look at it this way, we're seniors ! so we can just **** on all the underclassmen,. but im pretty down myself
oh nothing... just bein' myself...what? oh this? this is just my package...yeah... god delivered it, I signed for it, world keeps on spinnin'
Hands All Over - Soundgarden. Simple, driving riff. Easy to learn too
Take The Power Back - Rage Against the Machine
Suffer Some - Jane's Addiction
We Die Young, Dam That River - Alice in Chains

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