Ok so I've been in and out of the lesson section all day. Ive been doing scales and working on strengthening my fingers. I have an acoustic guitar, and I would like to know some easy songs to start out trying to play. I tried doint Plush acoustic, and I can do the intro no probs, but then it gets to muting stuff and im not there yet. Ive been through all of the begginer song threads and there doesnt seem to be much for acoustics, peez help

This may sound generic, but Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. That may be too hard, i dont know where you're at or wtf Plush is. Play some old blues style stuff.
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"Here's to the Night" by Eve 6? That's not too difficult to learn, and it will give you some good practice with strumming, chords, and progression.

Also, "Rivers of Babylon" by Sublime is a fun little song to learn, and it isn't heard too often.
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Wish you were here is a good one.

I'd try stuff like 'Wonderwall' (Oasis), 'Bad Moon Rising' (CCR), House of the Rising Sun (The Animals), and 'Last Kiss' (Pearl Jam)

Basic songs that will teach you essential chords and strum techniques.
i think my guitar is out of tune again, i think it needs new strings to tell the truth. I was playin house of the rising sun and it didnt sound liek teh song so idk
House of the rising sun takes practice, weather you're fingerpicking or using sweep picking. Keep trying, it'll come. It's a necessary technique for many songs.

Your strings should last a minimum of 2 - 3 months depending on how often you play (I play daily for 3 - 6 hours a day, so I find myself replacing them about once a month). I woulden't worry about the strings until they actually start snapping. Thats a pretty clear indicator it's time to get a new pack of strings (if one snaps, replace em' all). When they're new they go out of tune frequently, as the metal needs to 'relax' into position. Old strings don't really go out of tune too often, they just sound kind of dull, and not quite as 'bright' as new strings.
the thing is i bought it new from a friend so i have no idea how long ago the strings were put in or what kind of shape they are in :-/
Instead of suggesting songs(cause there is a stickie for that) I would like to offer some other advice.

Look up your basic open chords(C-A-G-E-D), spend some time just changing between these chords. After you are changing between these chords comfortably a whole world of songs(most of the ones that have already be suggested) will become available for you. You may need to learn a few different chords for some songs but learning these ones will get you a great start.
sweet thanks, im gonna see if i can actually get lessons so im sure that will help. thanks for all the responces! (sp?)