I just bought a C-1 Classic so I'll tell you what I think.

I bought it from a shop perfectly set up and all that, and it plays awesome. It makes you want to play it. As far as sound, compared to my LP, its brighter, with a lot more bite and attack, and a little less chunky, but still has a good thump. Its great for metal. Personally I didn't get the Hellraiser because a) the Classic is gorgeous and b) I don't like EMGs because they make every guitar sound the same no matter what they're in, imo.

The Classic easily handles metal and rock, thats what it was made for. It does handle cleans really well too, though.

Oh, and look at them in person. I didn't think I'd get it in blue, but when I saw it, blue was definately my favorite. I just think the sunburst is a bit much. The blue is a lot darker than it looks in those pics. And its way more original.
I have this guitar, and it plays beautifully. The tone is great, both for clean and for distortion. It plays like a dream, the action is amazing. And, I think the blue looks the best .
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Just got one too. I went for the sunburst though. It is a GREAT guitar. Very versatile imo. Smooth neck and awesome playability. You will not regret it.
hey guys, thansk a bunch. I've been kind of iffy as to wether or not I was getting one, mainly cause I was worried about wether or not it would play clean well.

but seeing as you all say it can, I'm sold.

just got to get rid of my bass first
nah im not getting the blue... ive seen it but its not my taste :P

cant decide between the other two tho
i've got the blue also, and it looks and sounds incredible
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buy a wah wah pedal. Easier to use, and you won't have to re-tune your guitar after you use it.
Wow, that's funny, there's a thread on this and I just bought one today. 3 tone sunburst