My friend is getting her first electric guitar and she can't be persuaded to anything besides a Les Paul body no matter how many others I have her try out. The thing is she's on a low budget, I'm not exactly sure of the precise number, I'm guessing less than 200 bucks. Do you guys know of any bearable LP copies for a beginner that are dirt cheap?

EDIT: I was browsing around Rondomusic and they have Agiles, which I have heard good things about. They also have Douglases, I haven't heard much about them, are they any good?
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Agile's are incredible. When she gets better, instead of buying a whole new guitar she could just upgrade some basic things like the tuners and pickups. But yeah, Agile'a are definitely worth the money.
Agile is good, look at the SX les paul copy on page two. Looks sweet, but it's heavy.
Agile will definitely be her best bet at that sort of low price. Epiphone also do more 'official' cheap LP's, but their cheap LPs are far worse than Agiles, really they only get good once you start looking at their mid-range and higher (and then you might be looking at $400 or so).

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Agiles FTW!
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the ibanez arc's and arx's are great lp copies for cheap(more like $250-350)

and stagg has some decent lp copies for cheap, but their quality control licks major balls and they arent as good as the epi special II or the ibanez arc100
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Epi spec II's are ok if you want a flat slab of wood...the Agile AL-2000 has the carved top so its more like a true LP...
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