ok so i have a esp f-50 with a line 6 six spider 3 amp to start off. umm im trying to learn the solo of my apocalypse by escape the fate, which calls for tapping a high note and pulling off 3 following lower notes in succession. im doing it right, fingering wise but the sound isnt loud enuff. its all quiet, can some one give me some tips with this? is it cuz its my guitar is cheap?
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You dont have the best gear, but that wont be it, if you are trying to pull off on 3 notes in a row then chances are you are just doing it badly, when your technique and finger strength improve the notes will sound much more, right now im assuming you are a beginner, maybe try some easier songs? Its takes a long time to master solos properly
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It's probably not your gear. Turn your distortion up just incase, but I used to have similar problems when doing pull-offs. They will come with practice, but you have to make sure you pull slightly down as you take your finger off the string. Also, you can't just push down lightly, you have to hammer on hard and pull off fast.
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