my epiphones headstock somehow snapped , its a g400 custom, the headstock is barly holding on, the guitar is totally ruined. what should i do... its still under the long and mcuade 1 year warrenty and the epiphone lifetime warrenty... so will they let me exchange for a diffrent guitar?

if they do, which do you think is a good choice or which other guitar would you reccomend, i play metal and im looking into spending around 600-700 maybe a little
so im looking into these
Ibanez RGT2DX(white)
Schecter C1 FR (White)
Schecter Damien FR (black)

I also like white so please help if you can
how did you break it. some warranties dont even cover **** like that
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i dont know how it broke, i took it out of teh bag and it was broken... no one else used it... i had a show i used it , i put it in the bag i came back home and put it away.
well im going to be at work, my mom is going in and she is amazing at returning stuff, im think they give me store credit of the money i paid so far( cuz i took it on monthly payments) and then they send it in cuz they are authorized epi dealers, get a new one and resell it, and let me get a new guitar.
is it possible that the string tension was really really tight and it ripped the headstock, becuase thats what it looks like, so i can use it as an excuse, everywhere up to teh tross rod cover is fine then comes in teh crack where the heackstock is broken in teh back
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