so..im trying to rekindle the flame..ive been playing for going on 4 years and my only piece of nice equipment is my amp..A Crate V1512 tube amp..i have an ibanez rvx220 w/ a dimarzio x2n and air norton..trouble is the guitar is a pos..and i want something new..versitle..and within 500-700 i play alot of like pop punk w/ my friends..some hardcore like As I Lay Dying..and metal like Necrophagist
im looking into the Xiphos, the MH-400, and the C-1 Plus w/ a pickup swap
The Xiphos has a garbage Edge III, don't get it. The ESP has an LFR, don't get it either. The C-1 is awesome, try it out. I also suggest an Ibanez S320, or an RG1570 if you want to spend a tiny bit more.