Alright, so today i picked up my bass for the first time in a few days. (I went out of state for the weekend), and i went to plug it in to play, but the amp, but i wasnt getting much sound at all. I did have my bass running thru my new bass wah, so i figured maybe that was having a problem, so i plugged the bass directly into the amp...still not working. I even tried a few cables, and still nothing. I checked the volume on my bass, and i turned the volume all the way up on my amp (its just my 10w practice amp), and when i did that if i played the E string i got a little bit of amplification, but still definately not even close to normal.

Im not sure if the problem is that i could have somehow blown my amp( i dont remember anything out of the ordinary happening to it, but idk if it does anything when it blows, ive never done it before)


Theres a problem with my input jack on my bass or something.

Oh, i also tried it through my 10w guitar amp, just to see if i got any form of amplication at all, and of course, that picked up even less than the bass amp could, and i didnt get any sound from it.

Im planning on bringning it to the local music shop tomorrow, to see if i can plug it in to their amps and see if it works.

Has anyone had any problems like this???
If anyone has an idea of what the problem is the help would be greatly
is your bass active? replace the 9v.
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oh thats probably it, thanks, i hadnt even considered that (its a new bass, 2 or 3 months old, and its my first one with active pickups)

Ill probably just have them do it at the guitar shop tomorrow, i need new strings anyway
when you go have them show you how to restring it so you don't have to pay for it any more...also it's nice to be able to do that on demand....unless you weren't having them put them on in which case i'd say put the 9v in on your own cuz it's just a hassle to lug it up there ya know.
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