I was banned a while ago and recorded a few new songs in that time 2 of which are on my profile called,

Mentality Of The Weak which is a kinda instrumental thing which i would like some feedback on and then Seas Of Torment which was just a kinda pissabout with synth. so main crit on the first song please and if you want have a look at the other one


Edit: there on my profile btw
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Wow dude Seas of Torment was freakin epic! And it sounded so sad around :23, I really felt that man. The end is so sad sounding too, I love this kind of stuff. Do you know any theory? And what did you use to record the drums? They don't sound too fake at all.

Mentality of the Weak was pretty cool too, not exactly my favorite style of metal, but everything was really well composed and the riffing changed up at the right times, you definately know what you are doing man, keep up the sick work!

And do you mind critting this for me?

PS: Nice sweeps in Mentality, and the tapping part that followed, with the harmonies, that was genius man!
Inside, i yeah i know a decent amount of theory, kinda, ive only been playing bout a year and 3 months so abviously plenty more to learn and my playing was a bit dodgey lol, gearbox makes it sound worse too, that was just a mess about song i didnt take too long to record it as its only really 2 riffs and the end i just made up lol as it was really short lol so i just improvised somethin lol. also acoustica beatcraft for drums.

Chris: yeah i know its a dodgey one, the timing may be dodgey i know cos it was only really one take for each guitar. and they were old strings so it might be a bit off in places but w/e lol.

Edit: Alsonso im making a seperate death metal project if thats more youre thing i was all set to record some stuff today cos my sm57 finally arrived but no, there is no XLR - XLR cable so i have to order one of them, but yeah once i get that ill get some stuff recorded and have a lash at vocals for the first time