and only 1 pup which doesnt give any variety but thats just my preference
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i'd rather have the older Jackson RR series, that's what he used to use
alder body+good pickup
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For the price it's complete ****.
And is generally complete **** anyway.
Save up and get an LTD / Edwards.
Quote by closertofreewil
Is it any good?

EDIT: Here's a link.

it's just a matter of opinion. I ordered one yesterday. I'm not a Bodom fan, nor Alexi. but I liked the V over Jacksons stuff, which IS overpriced, moreso than the LTD guitars.

if you can try one out, do it. I've messed around on it and liked it, some do some don't. and just about any guitar can play and sound great with some aftermarket tinkering and a trusted guitar tech.
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200 isn't good, I believe the 600 and the ESP models are the good ones.

Get a Jackson RR3 or something (I know that the Jacksons are cheaper in england).
I'm not really sure about the new ones. The biggest problem I had with them was the agathis, which is a crap wood. But now that they are made with basswood, they might actually be worth a look at.
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got the Alexi 200 yesterday. I really like it. it came pretty well set-up. I've been putting the trem through the paces, really working it and I've yet to go out of tune. which is great. the neck feels really comfortable. the guitar feels a little heavy for basswood, which is odd. but hey.

tonally, it sounds great even with the stock pup, but then again I'm playing through a 6505+, with that amount of gain on tap I make anything sound pretty damn good.

the cleans were terrible on the stock pup. I still plan to put an EMG 81 in there.

it's a worthy buy, IMO. it plays and sounds good. and this is coming from a non-alexi laiho fan, if that means anything to you.
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I tried one out a few weeks ago and compared it too a Jackson RR5. I prefered the feel of the Alexi-200. The pickup was pretty decent. The Licenesed Floyd Rose played fairly well, about the same quality as the Jackson. I had a greater sense of quality from the Alexi over the Jackson. As a personal preference, I liked the upper-fret cutaway, has a nice visual touch as well.

*On a side note...

Sometimes, I think people forget that signature guitars are built for the designer. Alexi uses a boost switch for his solos, that eliminates his need for a neck pick-up. If you play with distortion only and have a boost switch, you don't really need a neck pick-up, it makes live playing easier, the more direct you can plug your guitar into your amp, the better.
I've tried the higher end version of it in japan it played great and it also sounded great too. but i don't know how it the LTD version tone or it's playability from personal experience.

My roomie has 3 of these but he's so protective about his alexi's.
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Quote by The Arch Enemy

TS the guitar isnt good.. go for the jasckon models.

is this fact or opinion? I somehow doubt you've even played it, as people like to hop on bandwagons and bash things as a group. strength in numbers, so your baseless opinions can't be so easily refuted.
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