Hey guys. I'm an average guitarist. I'm not bad, but I'm not good. I want to improve my soloing skills right now. Can anyone suggest some songs with basic solos that I can work on, and then songs that I can advance to? Thanks.

That solo from pink floyds "another brick in the wall" and alot of santana stuff plus scales.
At least the intro solos in One and Fade to Black by Metallica.
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yeah id have to say.

work on those and then get some backing tracks and try out some improv. slow at first then building up.
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I agree with rnr soldier why dont you start with those and when you perfect them move on to the final solos of the songs you can also try master of puppets.after youve mastered some metallica start off with some satriani !!
-First solo to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
-First solo to Faint of Hearts by Coheed and Cambria