in the market for a new EQ pedal. had a boss GE-7 and it was good for what it was and solid. i had to sell it a while back, changing my rig and now i'm back at square one and looking for another EQ pedal. i'm interested in the MXR eq pedals.

i understand they make two, the 6 band and 10 band. anyone have experiences with either? and any thoughts on those versus the GE-7?

i know their 10 band is amazing! i heard clips of it used as a mid/solo boost

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MXR 10 band imo is the best EQ out there- even if it is the most highly priced.
If you can't afford it, a cheaper alternative is the Danelectro Fish N' Chips- not quite as good as the MXR and 7-band, but for £30 it's a steal
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I snagged the MXR 10-band off of ebay for $70 and it was worth every penny. It's a killer eq, I literally cannot stand playing without it now.
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picked up the 6 band eq from mxr, decided on it instead of the boss, definitly well worth the money, 6 bands is more than enuff for me, which is why i didnt dish out the extra for the 10 band, but mxr pedals in general are very well built and sound great too
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