well i have begun my guitar building project and have the body ready for paint.

I really would like some advice on this next part.

the neck i have is a really great neck, but it was a painted neck when i got it and now that i have started to sand it down and the such, i've noticed that the paint is in a thin line that is right under the fretboard.

my question is, does anyone know of a way to remove the paint without scuffing up the side of the fretboard?

p.s i do have it taped off already.

any help would be appreciated!
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hmm....hate those painted necks. not as smooth as finished/sanded necks. you should prolly go to low's or somthing and ask if they know..maybe some sort of very WEAK paint thinner. as a rule of thumbs i'd say keep all chemicals away from your guitar but also if you just take some sand paper and elbow grease to it you could make the neck kinda umm...idk..alter the shape i suppose. wish i could help more..