Hi, Well I've been playing for 2 years and i decided to buy a good guitar ,so here are the answer to the principal questions:

1. What styles of music do you play?
Well i Just Play Death Metal, Deathcore, GoreGrind

2. What's your price range?
300$ - 500$

3. What are you looking for in a guitar?

Well Im looking into a guitar that sounds really good for the genre im playing, thats the most important thing, if its posible a nice looking guitar,...24 frets...etc...bad english would like to say more but dunno how to :P...if you understand me hmm a guitar with a good bridge that don't let the strigs untone easily (lol its hard to write up this :P)..good pickups...etc hehe.

also recomned me accesories like amp connector, amp, hmm strings etc.!

Thanks a lot
schecter would be a good choice, so would esp. both are right up your alley!
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i really like an Ibanez RG350DX...
i play some death metal and im stuck with my 24-fret G-400 i love the fret access...
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schecter, jackson, maybe even an LTD if you're willing to stretch your budget a little bit more...
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well a schecter blackjack.......mine was 550 its a bit more than your budget ....but i dont even look at new guitars really anymore..mines perfect

i play death core too....and the stock pups are fine enough for that stuff.....its a jewel of a guitar way to under rated

and on set up...i would recommend pretty much my set up i love it..dont look for much more equipment..i need to get better and mabey play live more to upgrade...my rig in my sig
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Thanks a lot i've been viewing this guitar reviews, it says its quality's no good, that it breaks so easy....anyways i've been lookin 4 the prices and i found this 2 blackjack at same price:

Schecter C7 Blackjack Black Guitar
Sale Price:$599.00


ONSTAGE GS 7462B Guitar Stand



Schecter C1 Ex Blackjack Black Guitar
Sale Price:$599.00

With same things that the one before including



What should i buy, and i'd be greatfully if you tell me what's the weight of this guitar cuz im in South America and i've to cost the shipment etc...Tell me where to buy if its possible i only know musiciansbuy.com THANKS!
Go Schecter for sure, they have the best value out there. Mine plays amazingly well for the $700 I paid for it.
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check ebay unless you have to have something brand new most things other than gibson and fender go for pretty cheap