Can you play a bass with active pickups on ANY amp? cause I played my friends today and on his amp there were two inputs, and he said 1 was for a bass with active pickups. Also, how do you know if a bass has active pickups, and what kind of battery do they use?
technically you can play anything on any amp.... BUT it might not sound good... or worse it might overwork the amp.

but... active pickups arnt one of those things... just any ol' bass amp head or combo amp will work.
if the pickups have a power source, they're active.
typically there's a 9v, but i've seen some strange ones with like... 6 AA's.
an active output is usually slightly louder, but if you play though a passive setting, you can just turn the active settings down and be fine.

it'll play through anything, but mp3stalin's right - it just might not sound good.
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The whole passive/active input is simple; the active input has anywhere from -6 to -15db on it so the instrument doesn't distort the amp. They're the same sound, except the active channel is quieter. That way, your active and passive instruments can have about the same volume level.
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sure. i've played my friends bass with active pickups in my marshall half stack and my cheap fender 15 watt frontman.

I once played an active through a 15W. It was horrible! Just couldn't stop distorting at a reasonable volume. Most decent amps can cope with an active input. So don't worry about it. Most amps with one input have active inputs in mind.
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how often will i expect to need to change the batteries on my new active bass?

Not often. Maybe once per year. Just make sure you don't keep your cable plugged into your bass when you don't use it or else it will drain the batteries very, very quickly.
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