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9 36%
16 64%
Voters: 25.
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What are your guys' preferences? I personally like mechanical.
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I like to use mechanical pencils better. Cuz the writing is much more clean and looks better.
But yeah i prefer pen to pencil.
i used to hate pen and love mechanical pencil. but then someone stole my sick 20 dollar Cross mechanical pencil and i got all bummed and started using my 20 dollar cross mechanical pen that came in the set.
never looked back... not once.
wood. you can't sharpen a mechanical, and that's half the fun. well, you can sharpen it, but it might snap in half.
Good pens that the ink like runs out are the best, you know what I mean??

But I prefer wood pencils only because I always break the other ones.

But Pens>Pencils anyways.
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I do a lot of drawing, and it's kind of hard to get really get a good gradient with pen. So I would have to say mechanical pencil. Not wood just because I've become accustomed to the bulky feel of the mechanical pencil since second grade.

edit: plus, it's not as easy to do those spinning tricks with a pen (a dinky one anyways). Yes, I am one of those people that spin, twirl, etc. with my pencil.
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i like the pencils that have the tips you spin and the lead twists out. But i am sort of split when it comes to pens and pencils, i like the neatness of pencil, and the ease of pens
Screw pens, if I screw up what I'm writing what the hell am I supposed to do?

I like mechanical for work and wood for art.
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